Why we need AI in the recruitment process

Feb 29, 2024By Mats Andersson
Mats Andersson

Recruiters face many challenges, such as finding qualified talent in a tight labor market, reducing time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, improving quality-of-hire and retention rates, enhancing candidate experience and employer brand, as well as eliminating bias and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I.) This is where AI comes in.

Besides these challenges, there are also other drives that lead recruiters and companies to use AI in recruitment. Here are some of the main reasons:

Technological advancement: 

AI is becoming more accessible, affordable, and powerful, thanks to the development of cloud computing, big data, and machine learning. These technologies enable AI to process large amounts of data, learn from feedback and improve over time. As a result, AI can offer more accurate, reliable, and scalable solutions for recruitment challenges.

Competitive advantage: 

AI can give recruiters and companies a competitive edge in the talent market, by helping them find, attract and retain the best talent for their needs. It can also help you differentiate themselves from their competitors, by offering a unique and engaging candidate experience, as well as a strong employer brand. "Thanks to AI, hiring is undergoing a quiet, yet earth-shaking revolution. Many Fortune 500 companies employ AI-based solutions to weed through the millions of job applications the companies receive every year" https://digitalhumanities.nyu.edu/projects/hiring-ai/

Candidate expectations: 

Candidates today are more tech-savvy, informed, and demanding than ever before. They expect a fast, easy, and personalized recruitment process, as well as a fair and transparent hiring decision. AI can help recruiters meet these expectations, by providing timely and relevant communication, feedback, and information to candidates.

Business outcomes: 

With AI, you can align your recruitment strategy with your business goals, by providing data-driven insights and recommendations. AI can also help you measure the impact of their recruitment efforts on key metrics, such as quality of hire, retention rate or return on investment. In addition to that, you can use AI to improve your performance and productivity, by reducing errors, costs, and risks.

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